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Shma Koleinu: A Beit Midrash for Prayer and Community
is a nonprofit organization registered in Israel, managed by volunteers only. 
Organization Number: 58-0550093

Our Mission: Prayer & Inhabiting Life Spiritually


Recently, many individuals and groups across the US and in Israel have been consumed by a thirst for the sacred, for ritual, and for community. 


Shma Koleinu helps diverse seekers grow as post-critical, sacredly attuned, practice-oriented Jews who inhabit life spiritually and ethically – as:

* community members

* prayer leaders

* educators 

* congregational/religious leaders.

We offer opportunities for spiritually inspiring and intellectually stimulating learning, as well as experiential programs, all designed to nurture intellect, body, heart, soul, and imagination.

Our Work: Incisive Learning and Live Encounters


Many seekers are on a quest to (re-)engage with spirituality and prayer without necessarily returning to the shelter of old religious truths and appeasements. Still partaking of contemporary life, they need a creative, sophisticated, and intricate mix of spiritual language, intellectual investigation, experiential exploration, and personal introspection. 

Limudei Halev (Learning of the Heart)

Shma Koleinu's teaching arm, offers compelling learning opportunities for the type of seeker who will appreciate incisive, conversation- and text-based study guided by deeply committed teachers who are on their own spiritual journeys.  

We employ cutting-edge technologies to deliver interactive online courses.

Pnei Shabbat (Shabbat's Visages)

Shma Koleinu's experiential arm, offers live encounters with an emphasis on music and song, including spiritual preparation for an elevated Shabbat experience in Jerusalem, and melavei malka (Saturday night programs)  and shabbatonim (full Shabbat experiences) throughout Israel.

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